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Bachelorette Weekend in Fredericksburg, TX

I had the BEST time in Fredericksburg, TX a few weeks ago for my Bachelorette party! If you're thinking about booking a girls weekend / bachelorette party / adult getaway to Fredericksburg - then keep scrolling. I have a few ideas to help you with your planning!

Also, I can't take full credit for these ideas. These were my girlfriends’ ideas, so BIG kudos to them! Thank you SO much ladies for going above and beyond to make it a special weekend. :)

(Click on the above image for outfit details)

We started off the weekend by renting a nice house close to Main Street in Fredericksburg, TX. (3 blocks from Main Street) The house fits 15 people, which ended up being perfect for our group size. We found the listing of this house on Airbnb. You can find the same listing here. It came with 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, 5 king beds, 2 fold out couches, 1 hideaway cot, and a fully stocked kitchen. It also had a nice patio area outside!

I made all of the girls some goodie bags! I found these brown paper gift bags at Dollar Tree. They came in a pack of 3 for $1. I used a sharpie marker to draw all of the names by hand. This project (drawing the names) actually took longer than expected, but I thought they turned out cute!

My future sis-in-law purchased everyone wine cups and had her sis-in-law add the names to them. Thank you Ali and Sam for creating these! They turned out perfect! You can find the blank wine cups here.

Pictured above are some of the items I added to the girls' goodie bags. Most of these were Etsy finds! Linking them all here in case you're interested.

My friend Brittni purchased this beautiful and delicious cheese board from @Fredericksboards . Everyone really enjoyed this! Highly recommend for big parties. Thanks again Brittni!


My friend Emily took charge on booking a private wine tour through reserve tours. (@reservetours ) Hands down the best option for big parties! The tour comes with a private bus, a tour of 3 different wineries, and 5 tastings at each. The tour lasts 4-5 hours.

Phone: 830.998.3136


It was so nice to walk up to each winery and be ready to go with our tastings. Thank you again Emily and all the ladies who coordinated this option for us!

Pictured below is us at our first stop - Ab Astris Winery . The wine was A+ and they had delicious cheese boards for us to snack on.

(A crazy cold front blew in that weekend, so we were all bundled up in our jackets!)

Me pictured with some of my childhood friends! 25+ years of friendship :)

My Austin girls!
Future Sis-in-laws! (oh and niece too ;) )

The 2nd winery we visited was Carter Creek in Johnson City, TX. (a few minutes outside of Fredericksburg) This winery is a resort & spa, and is so beautiful! They offer villas, a spa, fine dinning, and even wedding venue options.

The wine and food was also A+ here!

This particular wine wasn't on our tasting list, but I've had it before and it's SO good! This is Carter Creek's Peach Sparkling Wine. Fredericksburg is known for its peaches, so trust me when I say - buy this wine! ;-) You will not be disappointed.

Carter Creek has delicious food options. I highly recommend the "angry birds" and the margarita pizza.

Love these ladies!

Our last and final stop was at Signor Vineyards. The property at Signor is so beautiful and inviting!

This winery reminds me a lot of Napa out in Calafornia. The atmosphere is a dream. (a blogger's dream lol) Just watch the video on their website and you'll get it. Gorgeous trees, landscapes, and tasting room can all be found at Signor.

I hear a glass a day is good for you. ;-)

We seriously had the best time!

This is your sign to book a trip to Fredericksburg, TX. ;-) All of the ladies raved about how awesome our experience was with Reserve Wine Tours. I can’t wait to go back again!


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