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10 Spring/Summer Amazon Finds!

I actually started this post right before quarantine, and wasn't sure about posting it. It was a hard time and still is a hard time for most. I didn't want to come off as pushing sales or items, but mainly sharing some affordable items IF you wanted to add these to your wardrobe collection.

I finally decided to share these findings. All 10 items are from Amazon and under $50!

*This blog post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this blog!


1.) Boho Bracelet -$9.99

I'm all about Boho styles and this bracelet works perfect with any style! Another great option here. ($12.99)


2.) Women's Striped Casual Dress - $26.99

This cotton dress is so soft and comfy. It comes in 14 different colors and sizes x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large.

I normally wear a size 8/10 and purchased a size medium and it fits great!


3.) Sojo Women's Sunglasses - $14.99


4.) Women's Tassel Earrings -$9.99

I love the detail of these tassel earrings and they would go with so many outfits! You can't beat that price either.


5.) Quay Women's Sunglasses - $42

Another great dupe found here. ($10.99)


6.) Bow Studded Women's Sandals - $18.99


7.) Wicker Woven Handbag - $26.95


8.) Women's V-Neck A line dress - $32.99


9.) Women's Straw Hat - $21.99 Hats have become extremely popular the last year or two. I want a hat in every color and style. lol. Currently I own 3 different styles and this one is by far my favorite! A big thank you to my friend Alex for gifting me this hat last year on my birthday!

Out of all the hats I own, this one fits the best. Since it's a straw hat I only wear it during spring and summer.


10.) These studded sandals are unfortunately out of stock. :( I waited to long to post this!

Here is another great option. (I actually own this pair)

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