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MUD Cosmetics Makeup Program

Hi Everyone!

My poor blog has been neglected lately. I have been so busy with work and school the last few months, and didn't have time to write. Now that I'm done with beauty school, I wanted to write about my experience. I was surprised to receive many inquiries on the makeup program I went to at Avenue Five Institute in Austin, TX. The ladies who became interested in the program inspired me to write this.

If you are interested in Makeup and want to pursue it as a career, I HIGHLY suggest you sign up for this program. It was the best decision I ever made. It's a 15 week program that covers 5 different units. The units consist of: beauty essentials, airbrush, bridal, studio, and high fashion.

This program is taught by some of the best artists in the industry, and I felt like I received the best education at Avenue Five.

So enough small talk, let's get into it!


The first unit is 'beauty essentials.' This unit is 6 weeks long, and you learn all about the basics. You first learn how to analyze the face. Everyone has different bone structure, skin tones, undertones, eye shapes, lip shapes, etc. As an artist, you must learn how to analyze the face in order to enhance the features or correct some of the features to make the face appear more symmetrical.

The picture below was during beauty essentials. You can see what a big difference color correcting and base matching can make.

Some of the topics we covered during the beauty essentials unit:

*base matching

*color correcting

*contouring & highlighting



*eyeliner and lashes



The next unit we learned was 'airbrush.' This mermaid look below was really fun to create. We ran out of time the day I was practicing, so she doesn't have foundation or any other features done. Using the airbrush gun definitely takes some practice and getting use to. Once you get the hang of it, the looks become flawless.


After airbrush comes the 'bridal unit.' In this unit we learn more about the bridal/wedding industry. The instructor and program teaches you how to market yourself and network in the industry. I learned some really great information during this unit. The program really stresses good 'communication.' It's important to ask as many questions as possible to gain insight on what your client is wanting.


The next unit we learned was 'studio/film' makeup. This was also a really fun unit to learn. We teamed up with a partner to create a film character makeup look. Pictured below on the right is my partner Tiffany. I turned her into the 'Evil Queen Regina.' What do you think?? ;)

She then turned me into 'Princess Jasmine.' (pictured below) We had so much fun with this photo shoot!


The last unit of the makeup program was 'High Fashion.' This was by far my favorite unit. It was fun and creative and totally got me out of my comfort zone. This unit was broken up into two photo shoots (two different days). High Fashion Day 1- I created this look below. My beautiful model Lauren really helped me out! Thanks Lauren! :)

High Fashion Day 2 (black and white photo shoot). I created the look below on my gorgeous friend Kelly. Thanks for being my model Kelly! :) The final pictures are featured under my portfolio tab.

I graduated with my certification on October 11, 2016. This was such a surreal moment for me. I've been talking about this for years and finally took action to make it a reality. Another BIG thank you to my family and friends who supported me and encouraged me every step of the way. <3

I learned from two of the best artists in the industry. Pictured below are my instructors (Sunny on the left and Joanna on the right.) I was so grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.


Here is a video I found on YouTube of the MUD makeup course offered by Avenue Five. It was an amazing journey and great experience! If you're interested, definitely check them out!


Thanks for reading and stopping by. Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo - Amy

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