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Current Favorite Beauty Products

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!

I hope you're enjoying your week so far. I can't believe it's February already?! The month of January flew by.

Since the start of the new year I've been enjoying these beauty products. I have mentioned some of these before on my Instagram profile, so these products aren't necessarily new, just staple pieces. If you haven't tried some of these products yet, you should definitely check them out!


This whipped argan oil - body butter HAD to be first on the list. These last few months have taken a toll on my skin. If you've been following along for a while now, you know that I have dry skin. This body butter is so creamy and feels so amazing on the skin. I don't think it feels greasy like most body butters do.

They offer 9 different scents. I usually purchase and use the 'unscented' one or the vanilla bean scent.

This product contains some powerful ingredients which include:

*100% pure argan oil

*Shea butter

*White tea extract

*Avocado oil

This product is formulated WITHOUT:




Great product, highly recommend!


This has been one of my favorite leave in conditioners for my hair. It helps to comb through tangles, and keeps my ends healthy. This is great for all hair types too. Here are some benefits:

*protects the natural keratin in hair

*restores hydration balance

*protects against heat


*adds shine


This is a local Austin Company that started in 2010. They have a wide variety of face, body, and hair care products on their website. I picked up this sample size at a Whole Foods in Austin. I really enjoyed this seaweed bath mixture. All of their products are made with organic 'bladderwrack seaweed." Luckily their website contained a lot of information because I was not familiar with this type of seaweed.

Some key beneifts from bladderwrack seaweed:

* 65+ vitamins, minerals, and amino acids



*vitamins A, B1, B12, C, E, and K

I can't wait to try some other products by this company! Especially their 'detox cellulite cream' which you can find here.


This Epsom salt mixture is great for bubble baths! I pour about a cup of this mixture into my bath along with some lavender essential oil, and Dr Teal's bubble bath. So soothing and relaxing!


Y'all, apparently I've been living under a rock for the last few years.

I had the mentality that you don't need to spend $20 on an eyeshadow primer. Well this eyeshadow primer by Urban Decay proved me wrong! I was just using concealer on my eyelids for a base, which worked ok and saved some money.

However, this product not only helped my eyeshadow to last ALL day, it helped the colors appear more vibrant. I was impressed after one use. I will definitely be using this or a similar product from now on.

(which is good because I will have more concealer for my dark circles!)


I LOVE this hairspray! I've tried a few different ones, and continue to come back to this one. I've used this hairspray for going on 4 years now. It works great when teasing and back combing.


I know I sound like a broken record, but these liquid lipsticks are some of the best I've tried. The formula is great and glides on smoothly. It doesn't crack like most matte lipsticks. I will be honest, they do transfer some when you eat or drink, but I still really love the formula. The best part is, they're only $4.99!


This is the 3rd time I'm mentioning this product on a blog post. It's that GOOD! I will be on the hunt for a 'dupe' of this product because it's a little pricey. The texture and ingredient list are A++. Key ingredients:

*mimosa - anti inflammatory

*padina pavonica - Mediterranean algae (anti-aging)

*ginkgo biloba - free radical protection

If you click on the link above, it takes you directly to product on their website. There you will find 18 total reviews on this product, ALL rating this at 5 stars. The only negative feedback you'll see is about the price. ($128)

I was very grateful to be able to test out this product for free a few months ago. If I find a dupe on this product, I will definitely share it on the blog!


Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out this post. What are some of your favorite beauty products at the moment? I love hearing from you guys! Comment below and have a great weekend!

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