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DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Hi Everyone! Welcome back. Today I have a guest on the blog who will help explain the process of making this 'farmhouse coffee table.' My boyfriend Garett is incredibly talented, and I've been trying to convince him to start a YouTube channel for all his woodworking projects. Maybe one day! ;-)

I found a farmhouse style coffee table on Pinterest and asked Garett if he could build it? He said yes, and it gave us the inspiration to create this blog post and share the process + plans with all of you.

Here is the link to the Pinterest post we found that gave us the inspiration. (click here) Here is the link to the direct website/blog. (click here)

*This blog post doesn't contain any affiliate links.


For this project, we used pine wood from Home Depot. Tip: dig through the pile and find the straightest boards. In the Pinterest/blog link above, you'll find the list of tools needed, material list, and cut list for this coffee table.

The one thing we recommend is to follow their material list and most of their cut list. Before cutting the Xs (in the base frame), measure against your assembled side and mark for best fit/cut. Measure the 4x4 twice and cut once. *Please note that the pictures on their blog post shows the base frame built with only 4x4's. The actual drawings and instructions use 2x4's as well. (seen below and how we built it.)

(Garett was explaining to me his process when I snapped this picture... We're both Aggies so I had to throw a little maroon in this post. )

(drilling pocket holes to attach the bottom shelf to the base frames.)

(base frame completed and ready for stain)



We stained the base frame and the top with Minwax - dark walnut. Once stained, we let these pieces set for 24 hours.

We had this paint from a previous home project and decided to use it for this coffee table.

(First coat of paint completed)

After 2 coats of paint, we let it sit for 24 hours. Once dry, we distressed it with 80 grit sandpaper to give it that farmhouse look. The coarser the grit of sandpaper you use, the easier it is to distress the wood.

We used Minwax - polyurethane clear satin for the protective coat. We applied 4 coats total to the top piece. After each coat we let it dry for 4-6 hours and then sanded the top with steel wool. (0000) We wiped down the top piece with a wet rag before applying the next coat.

Here is the finished farmhouse coffee table in our living room.

We were really happy with how it turned out. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


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