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Face to Face Spa - Review and Experience

A few weeks ago I visited Face to Face Spa at the Westlake location in Austin, TX. They have 5 locations throughout the Austin area, so make sure to check them out if you live in the area.

My skin was in dire need of some TLC! At the time my skin was very dry and I was still dealing with some hormonal acne. Usually during the colder months my skin becomes very dry an dull. At home skin treatments were working ok, but I felt like I needed to reach out to a professional to help me gain better results.

I decided to book an appointment at Face to Face Spa and I chose their 'premium facial' treatment.

This specific facial is beneficial to those with acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, or mature skin. It's great for clients who are looking to reduce pore size, receive extractions, and brighten the skin. This treatment was right up my alley!

This facial retails for $149, but they do offer member package deals which would bring the price down to $99. There's no sign up fee or registration fee to become a member.

When you first walk into the Spa you will notice how bright and welcoming it is. The receptionist was very friendly and logged me into the system quickly. She then offered me some water before my service.

She actually brought me the water in a wine glass! I felt so fancy. haha.

The Esthetician was really great about explaining her steps and how each product benefited the skin. She also mentioned that I should be exfoliating more often and making sure I was wearing sunscreen everyday!

She started the facial treatment by using a cleanser and a clarisonic to really deep clean the pores and skin. Next, she used a light exfoliating scrub that contained small granules to remove all dry/dead skin cells on the surface. She finished up the treatment with extractions and sealed the skin with serums and a moisturizer.

To me nothing feels better than to be pampered! I love getting a good facial or massage every now and then. I really loved the atmosphere, the friendly service, and the overall skin treatment at Face to Face Spa.


It's hard to tell in the before picture below, but my bottom chin + jawline contained a few pimples. My skin felt so clean, refreshed, hydrated, and brighter after receiving the facial.


Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the spa and their services. I would be happy to answer them! Face to Face Spa just announced that they now offer hydrafacials which is something I want to try out next time!


Thanks for stopping by today and if you're in the Austin area definitely check out Face to Face Spa!

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