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Kai-Simone Winery - Spring Branch, TX

Hi Friends! I know its been a while...and I'm sorry I’ve been gone for so long on the blog.

Recently life has been SO busy! My job/work picked up in July and has been very demanding ever since. I began to feel overwhelmed and not in a good place mentally. I didn't open up about this on social media because I struggle to be vulnerable sometimes. It's really hard for me to show when I'm in a funk or I'm struggling emotionally/mentally. This is something I hope to get better at and improve on.

I've been trying to find balance between work and blogging during the last few months. I would come home feeling mentally drained after work, so the last thing I wanted to do was work on the blog.

I'm sure it might sound silly to an outsider looking in, but it was a tough mental battle for me. I think this process was teaching me to relax and just trust life + myself. I feel the need to be in control, but sometimes it's OK to just let go and let the wind blow you somewhere else. I have so much to be thankful for and I know this experience was a good learning opportunity.

Plus the blog will always be here when I'm ready and available. It's my creative outlet that brings me joy.

*Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if a purchase is made. (No additional cost to you) Thank you so much for supporting this blog!


Now on to the part of why you're actually here! ;)

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Kai-Simone Winery in Spring Branch, TX with the San Antonio Blogger Babes. Spring Branch is located north of San Antonio on your way to Johnson City. It's a beautiful hill country area!

Here is the wine tasting room at Kai-Simone. The hours are 1pm - 5pm on Fridays & Saturdays. For wine tasting on these days it's $10 per person. ($5 more gets you a souvenir wine glass)

Kai-Simone Winery offers private wine tastings during the week for 6 or more people. ($15 per person - call to make a reservation)

Some other options they offer:

  • Weddings

  • Corporate events

  • Holiday parties

  • Showers

  • Gift Baskets of wine

They also offer wine club memberships which you can find here.

Pictured above are some of their wine tanks which can make around 5,000 bottles of wine! (impressive) The tanks hold red or white wines depending on what they have available. All of the grapes that go into their wine making process come from the Texas high plains.

Dr. Adams is the CEO and Owner of Kai-Simone Winery. She served in the US Army for 28 years as a Behavioral Health Officer and is a retired veteran. She decided to turn her passion for wine into a business.

I'm so happy they have this winery closer to home! It would make for a fun weekend with family or friends. (OR a fun weeknight of wine tasting with 6 or more people)

Pictured above is Dr. Adams serving us their sparkling rose. It was really good, and I love the bright bold color!

(Wine-not drink with friends?! ;) - ok, I won't quit my day job. lol.

Pictured above: Some of the San Antonio Blogger Babes and myself at the Winery.

When that first sip hits you. ;) Cheers!

Dr. Adams took us to their riverfront property that they share with a few local residents. It was so beautiful, and we captured some great pictures! Here is the behind the scenes with 2 of our members!

We all discussed that this would be a beautiful spot to have a wedding or host an event!

Kai Simone's Viognier ("vee-oh-nay") wine was delicious. I'm actually more of a red wine fan, but the white wines stood out that day.

Their Viognier had a soft fruity taste. The noticeable flavor was pear. Highly recommend if you go to their winery!

What can I say, I love wine! ;) A big thank you to Kai-Simone Winery for having us! Make sure to checkout their website for additional details and offerings!

Outfit details here:


Thank you SO much for stopping by today! Have a great week!

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