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New Job + I’m MOVING!

Where do I even begin?! For the past 6 years I have lived and worked in Austin, TX. I moved to the growing city in 2012, and so much has happened since then. Two years ago I started this blog and even went to beauty school to become a certified makeup artist. (I work full time but do makeup gigs part time)

I'm excited to move forward with life and to start a new chapter. However, Austin will always have a special place in my heart.

The "Greetings from Austin" mural is located off of 1st street which is close to downtown. Tourists from all over come to take pictures here.

The Pennybacker Bridge is close to my office and where I live. It's a gorgeous view of Lake Austin and one of my favorite spots in the City! If you like hiking or being out in nature, this location has a great hiking trail.

I've worked for the company Big Red (who owns Xyience) for the past 6 years as their Supply Chain Manager. Samantha Ponder (pictured above) was our spokeswoman for the brand Xyience in 2015. It was a pleasure meeting her. She was very nice and down to earth!

Pictured above is myself and 2 other coworkers visiting the "Bobby Bones" show in Nashville, TN. We had a national sales meeting in Nashville back in 2013 and had the opportunity to visit the morning radio show. The show had originally started in Austin, TX back in 2004 and then moved to Nashville in early 2013.


I've met so many amazing people while working at Big Red! These friendships have helped me to grow and become a better person both professionally and personally.

I would say the the biggest lesson I've learned so far in my professional career is to not burn any bridges. You never know what future opportunity may arise and having many connections always puts you in the best position.

Speaking of bridges....some of my past coworkers and I have experienced trips together. A trip to Napa Valley and San Francisco has now been scratched off my bucket list. ;-)

These people have become more than coworkers. They've become my 2nd family.

We've even celebrated holidays together. ;-)

Big Red has been my safe haven for a long time. I've learned so much while working here, and I'm also going to really miss my coworkers. I'm excited for my next chapter though!


So now onto the information you've been waiting for! I've accepted a new job opportunity with Supergoop in San Antonio, TX. I start this new job next Monday 9/24 and will finish moving at the end of the week.

I actually first discovered the brand back in March of this year. A small PR firm out in California had sent me their 'Unseen Sunscreen' product to try out and review.

I must disclose that I've signed a non competitive agreement with Supergoop and can no longer blog about any other beauty products. I still plan to blog about lifestyle topics and fashion. (When I have time) ;-)


I'll be moving closer to these people. I'm so happy and excited to be close to them!

(left to right)

My boyfriend Garett, My Mom, My youngest niece Camryn, My Dad, My sis-in-law Lindsey, My oldest Niece Makenna, and My brother Brett.


Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great week!

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