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Parlor Beauty Bar

If you've never been to beauty bar that offers blowouts, makeup, nails, tanning, microblading, etc., you need to book an appointment asap! I swear you will feel like a new woman once you've been pampered. Parlor Beauty Bar is an Austin, TX salon and beauty shop that offers all of the below services.

Charlotte Feliciano is the founder/owner of Parlor Beauty Bar, and her story will just melt your heart. (at least it did for me) I love that she has a passion and drive to help women look and feel their best. I think that's an important attitude to have, especially if you're in the service industry.

Parlor Beauty Bar was so gracious to host a blogger event on Oct 26th. As soon as I walked in I fell in love with the shop and decor!

Check out that mirror and lights! The setup here definitely makes you feel like a celebrity getting pampered.

They have a cute shelf area that contains champagne and wine glasses to serve drinks!

Cute flamingo wallpaper covers the back room which serves as the hair wash station, nails, and makeup.

I loved how every hair station had round brushes and Kenra Professional products to style everyone's hair. (oh yeah and they serve champagne too....major brownie points!)

My hairstylist was named Mandy and she did an amazing job on my hair! She was so nice and personable making my experience fun and relaxing. I liked that she asked a lot of questions about the style I was going for and made sure I was happy every step of the way. I loved how my hair turned out in the end!! (pictured above)

I snapped a picture of my friend Alex getting her makeup done. The makeup artist working that evening was Brittany. We had fun discussing different types of makeup, and she created a reddish/orange smokey eye with the Jaclyn Hill palette.

I went from drab to FAB after being pampered at Parlor Beauty and I would definitely recommend their services to anyone! This place would be so fun for a girls day/night out, bachelorette party, or even if you just need to go solo and "treat yoself." lol. I just love the ambiance, staff, and the way I feel after a few services. I will definitely be going back in the future.

It was such a fun event and it was great to meet other local bloggers and women in the beauty industry.

Parlor Beauty Bar is located on the east side of Austin. (1621 E. 6th street) They're next to a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars which is perfect if you're out and about with friends. That entire area is growing like wildfire!

Definitely check them out if you're in the Austin area!

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