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Romper Love

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so excited the weekend is here! Work has been crazy busy lately, so I haven't had much time to blog or tend to social media. For those of you just now following along or checking out, a little fact about me is that I work full time as a Supply Chain Manager for a Beverage Company. I'm also a certified makeup artist and blogger part time. I enjoy keeping busy, but it's definitely a process to find a good balance.


Recently I've found some fun summer attire on the Shein website. They are having a HUGE summer sale right now and you can find items up to 85% off! Lately I've been loving all the rompers I'm seeing. I rarely wear rompers, unless I find one that isn't too short.

This romper from Shein is really soft and comfy. It's not too short either! Also, it's made of 100% cotton. They have a sizing chart and measurements on the website if you're curious about sizing. I'm normally a medium, but I sized up to a Large and it fits perfect! This romper is $16.00 plus tax and shipping.

They have a TON of cute options at great prices. I will be honest and say that you get what you pay for, but I think it's great for when you're on a budget. Definitely check them out!

**Also, they do take a while with shipping. I believe this romper took 9 days to arrive.

(click on the picture to take you to the link)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fun weekend!


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