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Safe Sunscreen Products You Need This Summer!

Summer is here y'all! Well it definitely feels like summer here in Texas. ;) Summer in Texas means A LOT of time outdoors. I've become OCD when it comes to over applying sunscreen. lol. I've been sun-burned pretty bad in the past so I always do my best to reapply my sunscreen.


Did you know that 1 out of 5 people will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they turn 70? I knew skin cancer was a big concern for many, but I never realized how big it had become over the years. I've had friends, family, and coworkers battle skin cancer and I'm glad all of them caught it early on.

The annual cost of treating skin cancer in the U.S. is estimated at $8.1 billion. This is why it's SO import to be preventative and wear sunscreen. (SPF 30 and higher)

Not only do you want to grab a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher, you also want to check the ingredient list. Most over the counter sunscreen brands/products contain harmful ingredients like oxybenzone.

Oxybenzone has been in a few research studies regarding cancer. Most of these studies have found minor changes to cells in Petri dishes, but still a concern to customers. This ingredient can also cause acne, rashes, and other skin irritations.

The company Supergoop strives to make 'safe' products that contain SPF without toxic ingredients. All of Supergoop's products are oxybenzone free! You can trust that you're receiving great quality when you make a purchase.


With that being said, I wanted to share with you my current favorite Supergoop products that I think you will enjoy as well. What I love about this brand is their mission and integrity to create safe + innovative products that make it easy and fun to wear SPF every single day.

*This post contains some affiliate links that will be no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this blog! *This post was not sponsored and all thoughts/opinions are my own.



First up we have this 'Forever Young Body Butter SPF 40.' Not only do I experience dry skin, but I rarely use sunscreen on my hands.

They say that your face, hands, and decolletage are the first areas to show aging so I need to take better care of these areas! This body butter definitely delivers hydration and I keep it at my desk so I make sure to reapply throughout the day.

Made with hints of eucalyptus, clove, and vanilla, this body butter is the perfect moisturizer for dry skin.

It also contains the following: (taken from the Supergoop website)

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract

Rich in omega-7 fatty acids, which deliver the hydration and nourishment needed to fight off harsh conditions, dry and rough skin. Helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and loss of elasticity.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Rich in fatty acids and tocopherols that help fight off oxidation and water loss. Leaves the skin nourished and supple without a greasy feel.

Argan Oil

Extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. Great moisturizer that is easily absorbed, non-greasy and non-irritating.


The next product on my list is this 'Superscreen Daily Moisturizer' with SPF 40.

This soft moisturizer is lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin. I find it super hydrating and it doesn't leave a white cast at all. It also works well under makeup which is a big plus.

If you want something quick in the mornings this is your product. A moisturizer + SPF is the perfect combo for someone on the go.

This product is oil free and great for all skin types.

Made with: (taken from Supergoop's website)

Blue-Green Algae

Contains a naturally-occurring combination of moisturizers and antioxidants that help nourish the skin.


A rare mineral element that reflects and shields from blue light emitted from electronic devices.

Moisture-Binding Plant Formula

Helps protect against atmospheric pollution.


The holy grail of beauty products. If you haven't tried the 'Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40' NEED to! This will forever be a staple piece beauty product in my collection.

I can not say enough amazing things about this product. It's clear in color, scentless, silky in texture, makes your makeup look flawless, AND contains SPF 40!

I apply a dime size amount after my moisturizer before I put on my cc cream or foundation.

I usually apply a little more than this, but I mainly wanted to show a picture of the color.


This is a product I reach for everyday! (Well almost everyday...depending on if I'm running late. lol)

'Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35' - is a great way to get a little coverage on your face without feeling heavy throughout the day.

This product provides color correcting, and also softens the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. To me that's a great beauty product. ;-)

Pictured here in the color 'light.'


'Shimmershade'. - Talk about innovation! This product launched early spring and I'm really loving it so far. Finally an eyeshadow with SPF 30 to help protect your eyelids.

This cream based eyeshadow is perfect for on the go or when you're in a hurry. I also like using it as a base/primer to build powder eyeshadows on top.

This product comes in 4 different colors/shades listed below. All 4 colors contain shimmer.

Here are the swatches of the different shimmer shade colors. Top to bottom:

1.) First Light

2.) Golden Hour

3.) Daydream

4.) Sunset


This 'Defense Refresh Setting Mist' is every makeup artist's dream! It not only sets makeup in place but it offers SPF 50 & absorbs excess oils as well. You can also wear this alone over bare skin.

I love the way this setting mist smells! It has a light, refreshing, natural scent from the rosemary and peppermint oils that isn't overbearing.

I love reapplying this one through out the day and I love how it absorbs quickly without leaving your face feeling wet. Highly recommend this product!


'Super Power Sunscreen Mousse.' I actually prefer this product over the sunscreen sprays. It's a light weight formula (mousse) that isn't greasy/sticky! It dissolves right into the skin and offers SPF 50 protection. This product is formulated with nourishing shea butter, antioxidant-packed blue sea kale, and a refreshing hint of cucumber and citrus.

The only con is that you have to actually rub it in vs. a mist/spray, but the fact that it's not greasy is a *huge plus* so I don't mind it at all. Plus it absorbs quickly!

I took this product with me when we went to North Carolina last month and everyone raved about how good it was!


I hope this review helped you find some 'safe' sunscreen products to try this summer. Thank you for reading this post today! Have a great weekend!

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