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The Rustic Brush - New Braunfels, TX

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

Today I wanted to recap my girls weekend with Alex and Morgan. We met up last weekend in New Braunfels, TX. It worked out perfect because it's the half way point for all of us to meet. I was so excited to reunite with them! It was hard going from seeing them everyday at work to only seeing them every other month. Gatherings like these are definitely special.

Our original plan was to meet in Gruene for lunch and then head over to a painting class at The Rustic Brush in New Braunfels. I was the first to arrive in Gruene and the town was PACKED! I'm not sure which band was playing at Gruene Hall, but I could hear live music coming from the building. Immediately I knew we had to change plans because we might be pressed for time.

We ended up having a quick lunch at place off of highway 35 and it was only 4 minutes away from The Rustic Brush. (located in the shopping center with Gold's Gym and Alamo Drafthouse)

Immediately walking in you feel welcomed, and my eyes went to all of the cute signs! They have so many styles and designs to choose from. Visiting their website you can view their different options under the "projects" tab. (View here). There's many options. They have wall signs, lazy susans, door hangers, and even door mats!

They provide ALL the tools, paint, stain, wood, and any additional items you might need to create your project.

(Morgan, Alex, and Myself ready to get our paint on!)

The suite/building space is so BIG and would be great for hosting parties or events! We were all discussing how this type of class would be fun for a Bachelorette party or Birthday party with your girlfriends.



Over in the back corner is where they had their vinyl cutter that would print/cut out the designs.

I decided to create a 'small multi-board sign' with the caption "Home Sweet Home." The style number is "MB HOME-8."

Above is how the project looks when you arrive on site.

We stained the boards first and then put them in front of a fan to dry. Afterwards, we nailed the boards together with a nail gun. (Don't worry, the instructor is there to supervise! lol)

Once the boards are nailed together we prepare the stencil to be placed on top. This part definitely took team work because some of the lettering is very small and wanted to stick to the backing.

Finally got the stencil on the boards! Now we're ready for paint.

Next, we took a round sponge paint brush and dipped it in the paint of our choice. Using dabbing motions we dabbed the paint onto the stencil/board.

The best part about this place is it's BYOB and you can also bring in food/snacks as well!

Waiting for the paint to dry gave us time to relax, mingle, and of course enjoy our WINE. :-)

Once the paint dried we removed the stencil and finished with touch ups of paint.

All of the projects turned out SO good!!

As Morgan mentioned in her Instagram stories: "Team work makes the dream work." lol. I was grateful for their help because otherwise I would have been there all night!

Alex and Morgan's finished projects. Love them!

Here is my finished sign!

Here it is again at home on our living room wall. I loved how it turned out! I can't wait to create another sign in the near future. If you're in the New Braunfels area definitely schedule a class with The Rustic Brush!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great weekend!


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