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Fall - A Time For Thanksgiving

I've been stuck on deciding what to write the last few weeks. As we're approaching the Thanksgiving holiday very soon it helped me to decide that I would write about gratitude.

I know I've talked about gratitude + positive thinking before, but it really can make a difference in your life!

As someone who use to struggle with negative thinking, I've experiecned the powerful changes in my life once I started practicing gratitude & positive thinking.

This time of year really puts into perspective all the the amazing things we have in our lives. Even the 'little things' count big time! I know the year 2020 has been challenging to everyone, but there are still things we can be grateful for!


Once again, a big thank you to Jessica Rakowitz with Under The Sun Photography for capturing these beautiful photos!! You can also find her on Instagram here.

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Building your capacity for gratitude isn't difficult. It just takes practice. The more you can bring your attention to that which you feel grateful for, the more you'll notice to feel grateful for!

A few things that have helped me to practice being grateful:

  1. Staying mindful and present in the moment. When I'm present in the moment, I can tune into my surroundings and be aware of others' gestures. The more often you tune into your awareness, the greater the chances you will notice all the good that's around you.

  2. Practice being grateful for the little things. For example, I'm so grateful to sleep in a comfortable bed every night, and to have running water. By taking the time to just notice the 'little things' and how much they impact your life can really make a difference.

  3. Keeping a gratitude journal next to my bed. I'll admit..I'm not consistent with this journal every night, but I try my best to write in it often.

What are some ways you practice gratitude? I would love to hear from you in the comments! I wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!


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