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Lexli Skincare Products + Review

Most of you know that I have dry sensitive skin. (if you've been following me for a while) When it comes to skincare, I look for products that can help with hydration, anti-aging, and won't irritate my skin.

I had the wonderful opportunity to try out some skincare products from Lexli Advanced Aloe Vera Skincare. They checked off the list above and I was left very impressed. This blog post is my honest review about these products. I hope you all enjoy!

(Lexli Advanced Aloe Vera Skincare gifted me these products a few months ago, and now I'm here to share my thoughts and opinions about them.

*This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed, and all opinions are my own. )

Lexli History:

Lexli was created and founded by Dr. Ahmed Abdullah back in the late 90's. Dr. Abdullah a board-certified plastic surgeon, created a line of products that contains pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera to calm inflammation and minimize redness. At first he was selling the products out of his clinic. The word started to spread quickly when patients were seeing great results.

He finally established a corporation in 1996 – Lexli International Inc., named after his twin sons, Alex and Ali. In 2009 the company started selling products nation wide.

Why Aloe - Vera?

Aloe has over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides and fatty acids. Research has proven its ability to heal skin damage.

Independent research has proven aloe's benefits to the skin. They include the following:

  1. Aloe penetrates tissue. Unlike water, which is used as the base ingredient of most skin care products, aloe can be absorbed deep into the skin’s layers.

  2. Aloe encourages the healing of tissue. Aloe has an excellent ability to regenerate skin cells.

  3. Aloe has antimicrobial properties. Aloe contains saponin and barbaloin, two components that are proven lethal against bacteria.

  4. Aloe reduces inflammation. Aloe contains salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid, and sterols - both of which are recognized for their anti-inflammatory capabilities.


They offer the below 4oz cleansing lotion for $22.99. They also provide a 1oz travel size for $6.99, and a 16oz for $83.99 (best bang for your buck)

This Lexli Cleansing Lotion emulsifies dirt, makeup, excess oil and other debris sitting on the skin's surface, allowing it to be gently rinsed away. Formulated with a base of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera in conjunction with moisturizing ingredients, this ph-balanced facial cleanser nurtures damaged skin and preserves the skin's protective acid mantle.

You can see in the above picture that the cleanser applies clear. It has a gel like texture and suds up once you add water. It cleanses the skin very well! My skin is left feeling clean + hydrated. (due to the aloe vera) I've tried many different face cleansers and this one definitely ranks in my top 5. It's effective yet gentle on my sensitive skin.

I keep this cleanser in the shower and use it daily. I'm almost out and actually need to order more!


This product was the first product to launch of the Lexli skincare line! Please don't let the price scare you away because in my opinion, it is worth every penny!

1oz - $78.99

.25 oz travel size - $19.99

This patented exfoliator features a pH similar to that of a professional chemical peel but without the risk of burn or redness. (I hope I have your attention now ;) )

AloeGlyC glycolic acid exfoliator improves the appearance of sun-damaged and aging skin by smoothing skin texture, reducing hyperpigmentation, and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Those with acne also benefit from AloeGlyC's ability to unclog pores and minimize their appearance while reducing post-acne pigmentation.

This is not your ordinary exfoliator... Most exfoliators are rubbed into the skin and then rinsed off.

This exfoliator is similar to a serum or cream. You just rub right in to the skin using circular motions, and follow up with a moisturizer 15 minutes later. Very fast and easy!

You should notice a difference in your skin right away. (I did) My skin was left feeling so smooth and glowing! I use this product 3 times a week, but you could easily use this every night. (start slow if you have sensitive skin)

AloeGlyC is packed with antioxidants, including Vitamin C beads, as well as Vitamins A, D and E and Green Tea, that work to neutralize free radical damage, contributing to healthier- and younger-looking skin.


1.6 oz retails for $39.99

4 oz Deluxe size - $97.99

.25 oz travel size - $6.99

At first glance I thought this moisturizer would be too thick and greasy. After one use I was proven wrong!

While it does have a thicker texture, it applies so smooth. The whipped texture glides right into the skin. I use this moisturizer in the evenings and I wake up with plump/hydrated skin! I was amazed at how hydrated my skin felt.

I love this moisturizer and highly recommend it to those with dry sensitive skin!

  • Night Moisturizer Aloe Vera Cream is an intensive moisturizer for normal-to-dry and sensitive skin types.

  • Concentrated base of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera soothes skin.

  • Rich blend of emollients, humectants and occlusives provide skin with long-lasting hydration.

  • Night Moisturizer is particularly soothing for those with dry or sensitive skin, who can apply product morning and evening.

  • Beneficial for those with inflammatory skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.


Final Thoughts:

If you're looking for a skincare line that can provide instant results for dry/dull skin, then this is it! The Lexli skincare line is by far one of the best skincare lines I've tried in a while.

I know the reason behind this is the organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera that is used in every single product. This particular ingredient helps in so many areas.

Their products are easy to use, affordable, and deliver quick results.


Lexli stands behind the performance of their products and, therefore, offers a no-hassle 90 day money-back guarantee.

They also have a few 'sale' items which you can checkout here! If you have any questions, please comment below and please checkout their website for more detailed information.

Thank you SO much for checking out this post today. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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25 de fev. de 2020

This is such a great post Amy. I have very sensitive skin that gets super dry during the winter. Lexli sounds like a brand I would enjoy using.

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